our expertise.

We have the expertise and the team to take on a wide range of projects. Our strength is putting together a strategic plan to align your brand image with your vision. Then, we make that strategy come to life in all of its different forms.


First and foremost, we guide you towards the best strategy using extensive research methods and concrete data. We can pinpoint an area in particular, or we can align a full strategy along with our partners that includes your visual identity, website, content, digital marketing, etc. With our experience and analytic strength, we can act as facilitators and advise you on the priorities and next steps to take in the evolution of your brand image within your growth strategy. 


Once again, everything starts with strategy, nothing is left to chance. A logo isn’t worth much if it’s not aligned with your business strategy, message, positioning, and if it doesn’t speak to your customers. We take the time to analyze your business from the inside out, and then build its personality profile. Then, we establish your customers’ personas. Once all the data is compiled, we put a plan in place to start building your visual identity. 


Once we start implementing your strategy, design is at the heart of all visual elements. We start with stylescapes (moodboards that are just way better!) Creativity, passion and innovation are at the centre of all of our designers’ artwork. Artwork that’s based on smart design that speaks to your customers and represent your company. The extent of this step can include: logo, print projects, web design, ad design, packaging, etc. 

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