Branding design

Wester-Land, a student apartment block in Halifax, aimed to stand out in a competitive market. They sought an image that captured the dynamic essence of student life while reinventing a retro look. We embraced the challenge by creating a visual identity that evokes nostalgia from the 1970s while remaining modern and appealing.

Illustration at the Center of Everything

We delved into the retro universe, drawing inspiration from colors like brown, ochre, and burnt orange, geometric patterns, and bold typography. To contrast and maintain an overall youthful and dynamic spirit, we integrated fun illustrations of everyday items like flowers, fruits, and vegetables. The illustrative aspect ties in with the outdoor mural of the building, which was painted by a local artist.

Thanks to our approach, students were drawn to the unique atmosphere of the place. The reinvented brand image allowed Wester-Land to establish itself as a must-choose option for university students in Halifax.