Valentine Thomas

Brand strategy and design + Website

Valentine Thomas: spearfishing woman, influencer, activist, author, speaker, entrepreneur… the challenge in creating Valentine’s branding was to encompass and reflect all of who she is. In the making of her personal brand, we wanted to make sure a message–one she represents herself–would come through: femininity and boldness can go hand in hand.

A balance that was hard to achieve

As an influencer with over 250 000 followers, Valentine wanted to find that balance between who she really is, and what her photos could sometimes portray. Far from only wanting the most “likes”, she wanted to find a way to show all of the different faces of her reality while better engaging her community.

In her line of work, she often finds herself on dreamy beaches with great photo ops, but she wanted to steer away from the glamour of it all, because it undercut her important message towards responsible food sourcing, and didn’t bring her the opportunities she really desired. 

In the end, we were able to find a perfect balance for Valentine’s brand, all while elaborating a solid strategy that will help her better convey her message, and engage her target audience. The mandate ended with the creation of her website that will serve as an effective channel to put forth all of the projects that she’s involved in.