University Life

Brand strategy and design + Website design

University Life, the platform dedicated to student life, needed a brand identity for the launch of its website. Color choice was crucial in the rebranding of University Life. Vibrant shades such as electric blue, energetic green, and sunny yellow were used to reflect the vitality of campus life. These colors are present on the website, printed materials, and even in digital communications. They create a stimulating atmosphere and invite exploration.

Diversity and inclusion

University Life is committed to celebrating the diversity of its community. This was essential in the choice of colors, graphic elements, and especially in photography. Emojis, on the other hand, represent the various facets of university life: classes, friendships, events, challenges, and achievements.

In summary, the rebranding of University Life is an undeniable success. Its modern, youthful, and dynamic approach fully captures the essence of student life. Don’t hesitate to explore this platform and immerse yourself in this vibrant and inclusive experience!