Redken & L’Oréal

loyalty program — branding

The mandate? Create the branding for three new loyalty programs for Matrix, Redken and L’Oréal Professionnel, in Canada. We also collaborated with Third Wunder on the three very elaborate websites, and newsletter designs. 

Because of the span of the project, which lasted almost a full year, it had to be segmented in chunks. The customer profiles, values, messaging, and positioning for each brand was not only very different from one another, but we also had to take into account that the targeted audience was very specific: hair stylists that regularly used their lines of products. The first step, branding and logos, was done brand by brand, one after the other, until final approval. 

A very detailed plan and timetable

The planning and segmentation of this project was one of the most important aspects due to the magnitude of the scope. The final deadlines for all three brands were at a few weeks interval, so the different segments all had to be overlapping. The websites were all created simultaneously, in waves. 

The websites for each brand had over 50 pages each, all of which had to be mapped out and designed, and we also had to do image search and selection for each. When we would send one segment for approval to Redken, for example, we’d pick up L’Oréal’s next segment, and so on. We also had 4 other agencies that were involved in the project that we had to coordinate with. Not to mention the number of people at L’Oréal Canada’s headquarters with whom we had to communicate for approvals and changes throughout the year. This project definitely had its challenges, but we conquered it in the end! 

Once the design of the websites were delivered, we concluded the project with a little more simplicity, creating a few newsletter designs. Needless to say, we celebrated the end of this project with a little pat on the back that was well deserved. 🍾