La Trousse de l’Entrepreneur

web app — branding & website

We created all visuals for La Trousse de l’Entrepreneur. From strategy, to content, to their branding and web app, as well as all other visual elements for ads and social media. Their previous branding didn’t represent the technological evolution of the business, and it was outdated. So we created a new brand strategy and then implemented the design and all other visual elements, within a one year timeline. We also developed the entire responsive web app. 

The result? A 55% raise in sales within 3 month without investing in marketing. 

La Trousse de l’Entrepreneur is a web application that was built to help entrepreneurs launch their business in a painless way and at a low cost. The startup having evolved greatly in 2 years, their branding had quickly become outdated considering the technological advancement it made within its first months of business. There was also a lack of strategy that went into the branding the first time around, as the market fit had not yet been found. The business needed a more dynamic image that was approachable and that would follow the latest web trends that tend towards simplicity. 

A great number of variants

Because of the size of the project, and the fact that we needed to create elements that worked on the web just as well as on print, we had to create a complex visual identity system. Once the right brand strategy was established, we designed the logo, and lastly, the rest of the print elements. 

Once the previous step was done, it was time to jump into the platform redesign. Substantial work was begun to redo the sitemap, and add new tools. The site had to be easy to navigate, as well as be clear and optimized for all devices and screens. We put a huge importance into the user experience and user interface, and a design that followed the latest SaaS trends. Once everything was done and polished, we moved on to the biggest and most lengthy part of the project; the development and programming of the app and its tools and functionalities: invoicing and revenue manager, business plan creator, time tracking, online community, etc. 

La Trousse also had an integrated creative studio, so we worked on adapting the branding and microsite with a more colourful touch. 

Overall, this mandate was one of the most vast and complex we’ve ever worked on. We learned a lot throughout the process, and we’re happy to see the positive results that this change brought on. With a minor investment in marketing after completion of the project, the company managed to raise revenue up 600% in six months, and now have a 60% retention rate after the trial period.