Groupe Contact Plus

brand strategy and design + website

This 360 branding project was a challenge, because the existing company was also launching a sister brand at the end of the mandate. The second entity had to have a slightly different identity, while being clear that the two brands were from the same family. 

Having existed for over 20 years, the client wanted to push the boundaries and achieve a brand identity that would appeal to a younger clientele, while keeping a hint of their previous image. Since the client already had some brand recognition, but they were also launching a completely new branch, we had to weave in some of the previous branding into the new image. We also had to come up with two different brandings, one for each branch, that had to be different enough to stand on their own, but similar enough that side-by-side, people would clearly know their were from the same family. 

Separate, but together

We proceeded to work on the strategy with what data the existing company had, while also working in what the new entity would bring. Since both companies were essentially going to talk to the same personas, instead of doing two different strategies, we just looked for the differences that might set the branches apart. From there, it was easier to design a logo system that was coherent, and adaptable for each.

Once we had the brand strategy and brand guide in hand, the website was a breeze. We focused on the user experience, and on the one thing that was most important to the client, an online appointment module. 

The result? Two sister brands with their own identities, and a logo system that came together seamlessly. An A to Z rebrand that started with multiple strategy workshops, followed by a complex logo system design, and ended with a brand new website that could showcase their work with the most flawless user experience possible.