Avac Béton

Brand strategy and design + Website design

Avac Béton, a certified CSA manufacturer of premium precast concrete products, recently underwent a bold rebranding that modernized its brand. The new Avac Béton logo is a true transformation. The design features clean lines and impactful typography. The colors have also been revamped to reflect the robustness of concrete while evoking the energy of their team.

Website redesign

Gone are the cluttered pages and unnecessary elements! The new design of Avac Béton focuses on simplicity and clarity. Clean lines, well-defined spaces, and neutral colors highlight the company’s products and services. The redesign of Avac Béton’s website is a success. Modern, functional, and user-centered, it perfectly reflects the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

In summary, the rebranding of Avac Béton is a total success. Modern, urban, and distinctly future-oriented, it embodies the spirit of the company and its passion for sustainable construction.