Alias Entrepreneur·e

Platform redesign and brand visuals

This platform was created by Serge Beauchemin, entrepreneur and ex-dragon, to help local entrepreneurs extend their knowledge and take better business decisions. We redesigned the website for the launch of the now completely free service. We wanted to refresh the image and better display the content while representing the dynamic edge of the company. 

The project spread over a few short weeks, starting with the brand identity refresh, without changing the logo that was already well established. We then created the website pages, starting with the homepage and going into all the inside pages like the content, members section, learning paths and sale pages. With a tight timeframe, and a pandemic hitting mid-project, we had our challenges. But the hard work of all implied parties made for a successful project in the end. 

Agility had to be center stage

COVID-19 having affected the whole world, we had to readjust during the project so that Alias could be present and active to help entrepreneurs during the crisis. Priorities had to be restructured to accommodate the rapidly evolving circumstances, and allow for new ressources to be added to the website. The additions had to be done within the new brand choices so that the pages could continue to live on the updated site that was on the verge of launching. The Alias team did an excellent job of dealing with the unparalleled crisis and its implications during our ongoing project. 

The result? A fresh new platform that represents the usefulness, effervescence and sense of community of Alias Entrepreneur and its members.