the studio.

Your brand identity is one of the first contacts your customers, partners and future employees will have with your company. You often only have one chance to make a good impression. With the bombardment of information and ads on the web, it’s more imperative than ever to differentiate yourself and to target the right clientele. Sometimes, all you’ll get is a second-long glance to catch your customer’s eye. 

At Dive, we help guide you towards the best way forward with your brand, and we elaborate a coherent strategy that will extend to all media and channels. It’s the only way to build an image that will live on its own, and will get brand recognition and real results for your company. Our experience allows us to work in collaboration and complete transparency to find creative strategies that are solid and proven. Trust us with your project, and we’ll take it on like it was our own. Yep, we’re that devoted to delivering results. Our goal? We want your company to shine within your market and reach the right audience to increase your desired metrics. 

the capacity to solve a problem creatively is what will differentiate you from the competition.

— Unité Treize — BDG — AngelHost — L'Oréal Canada — Tuango — Le Château — Alias Entrepreneur — La Trousse de l'Entrepreneur — Groupe Contact Plus — Catalyst — Valentine Thomas — LARAQ

the team.

Christine Teixeira
Founder & strategist

With a deep understanding of design and business management, Christine only has one goal in mind: to maximize your business’s reach within your market. 

Anne-Sophie Perreault
Art director

With over 15 years of experience, Anne-Sophie thrives on challenges. She’s known for producing smart designs and efficiently drive projects to success. 

our approach.

passion_ creativity

We’re creative and we love solving problems. We also have an infinite passion for everything entrepreneurship and design. We don’t follow trends, we create them. 

quality_ experience

Through the years, we’ve acquired the necessary skills to deliver high quality work that’s relevant for your business. We adapt to your reality, and we ensure your complete satisfaction. 

transparency_ collaboration

We make sure to keep you in the loop and ask for your input every step of the way. We keep our books open. We offer superior, but not pretentious, service.  

don't take our word for it.

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