PWL Capital

website redesign

The challenge for this project was evident from the start. Take the vast amount of content and team members that was on the current website, and make it look clean, clear, and easy to navigate. 

It was important to take into account that the company wanted to start appealing to a new generation of young professionals and investors, while keeping their current older clientele engaged. The project lasted a few weeks and had to be segmented considering the high volume of pages. This project was done in collaboration with Third Wunder; our part of the mandate was to create beautiful and clean page layouts, with content that was presented in a way that was easy to absorb. 

Keeping a guiding theme

One of the most important factors to keep in mind during this project was to make sure the design followed a guiding theme throughout the multitude of different pages and sections. We had to take time to plan how different elements would look so that you would find repeating elements throughout the site. This was done to avoid anything looking disjointed while the client navigates on the website.  

The result? A well structured and designed website that’s easy to browse and chockfull of great content. Not to mention the new modern and sharp look the new visuals achieved.