almond milk — branding

This almond milk producer approached us to completely rebrand their company, since what they original had was temporary and hand drawn by the founder. The startup was in full expansion and wanted a visual identity that would help propel the business and help them get into independent cafes throughout the province. 

The concept was simple once the strategy was determined and the needs of the client established. We needed to find a way to illustrate the harmony between the milk and the almond, all while representing the bubbly essence of the business’s personality, and the simplicity of the ingredients in the beverage. The icon represents the infinity symbol, which represents in turn the ecological and durable aspect that was in the heart of the founder’s values, considering the environmental impact of most almond harvesting practices. 

The challenge: a high number of competitors

Even if the client’s product was of higher quality than the majority of the competition, there still was some important positioning work to be done so that the client could understand the difference with this particular product. Also, the targeted clientele was the barista and the small cafe rather than groceries, and we wanted that to be reflected as well in the visual identity. 

After the strategy was done, we were able to start working on the logo, then the icon. The ideation phase spread out over a few weeks, because we wanted to make sure we hit the mark perfectly. The icon also had its ideation phase to itself; the project was very segmented. The client wanted to build a strong brand recognition, so simplicity was key in order for the brand to differentiate itself from the typical look of the competition. 

The results: a brand image that spoke to a different clientele and that stood out overall, just like the product itself. The brand recognition that was desired has already been sensed by association with the quality of the product.