How to get an ROI on your branding during the pandemic

A second wave. I never thought we’d be here again. But, we have to accept and adapt. A lot of businesses are struggling, and those who aren’t are in the middle of a digital transformation. So, you might say I’m a little idealist to suggest that it’s a great time to invest in your brand.

Let me explain why

If we’re speaking on practical terms, because you have time. Everything is slowing down and you probably have a bit more time to focus on your brand.

And, if we’re speaking in terms of results, because you need all the help you can get to push sales, and raise your retention rate.

A strong brand generates more revenue, creates brand loyalty, and helps widen your reach. It’s 20x easier to sell to a client you already have, and one of those clients promoting your brand is the cheapest and most efficient way to get new business. And, if that’s not enough to convince you, with the bombardment on the web during this digital transformation, you barely have a few seconds to make a good impression. You need to maximise your impact on that touch point.

Plus, even if we completely exclude clients from the equation, a strong brand also helps you reach investors, partners, and helps you recruit potential employees. 

So how do you ensure you’ll get a return on your investment?

Simple. Make sure the agency you’re working with will offer you solid brand strategy before starting the design phase. You have to go through every element from your value proposition to your client personas, brand message and personality, positioning, and much more.

This will allow the designer to have the necessary information to make sure your visual identity will speak to the right people and will perfectly represent your company. The most beautiful logo in the world won’t be useful and help you raise your desired metrics if it isn’t strategic and built on actual data. 

«Design without strategy is simply art.»

Also, your brand strategy will cover most of the segments of your business where your client interacts with you. We help you define your communication tone and voice, your culture and impact, your goals and values, your vision and positioning… these elements will help you create stronger relationships with your clients, employees and partners. The brand strategy is extensive, but we will accompany you throughout all the steps in the process.


Start measuring your metrics before starting the rebranding process, and keep following those numbers a few months after the launch of your new visual identity to see the results for yourself. 

Want to talk about your brand? Contact us, we’ll take care of the rest. 

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